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Have you met Annabeth Chase?


Please note, the following Character Profile does contain spoilers from both the Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan.

: Annabeth Chase
Father: Fredrick Chase
Mother: Athena (Minerva)
Fatal Flaw: Pride. Annabeth's fatal flaw, which suits her well, is her pride - the thought that if she could do the same thing, she would do it better.
First met: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Character Overview: As a daughter of Athena, Annabeth Chase is extremely intelligent. She was the only one to be trusted with Daedalus' final inventions. While she is proud, her quick wit and courage have gotten her out of a lot of sticky situations.

She was the only one to follow the Mark of Athena to the Athena Parthenos, even standing up to Tartarus with Percy Jackson in the underworld. Ambitious and proud, Annabeth is certainly a child of Athena.

QBD Reviews: Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters


Having restored a tentative peace to Olympus and discovering that his birth father is the god of the sea, Poseidon, as well as being betrayed by a friend, one could hope for the next year for Percy to start looking up. Unfortunately he was attacked by giants, leaving his new school, along with his Cyclops half-brother Tyson, with an exploded gym. Together with Annabeth, they arrived at Camp Half-Blood to find it under attack from monsters. Just the start to Percy's second year at Camp Half-Blood.

Follow the trio, with the addition of Tyson, as they try to find the Golden Fleece to heal their camp, save Grover and foil Luke's latest plan.

Rick Riordan Percy Jackson series continues strongly with this book. Brilliantly weaving modern day society together with Ancient Greek myth, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters continues with the wonderful world that Rick has created. This novel is a brilliant follow up to Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

QBD Reviews: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

9780141346809Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief introduces us to the world of Percy Jackson. Here, the gods of Olympus exist, along with all the monsters of Greek mythology and the offspring of the gods and mortals. These are demi-gods (or heroes).

Follow the 12-year old boy, Percy Jackson, who has been diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. Known as a problem child, he has been kicked out of nearly a school a year, with this current school being his 6th in 6 years. Everything changes one night when he and his mum are attacked by a Minotaur. Join Percy as he discovers his true parentage, uncover monsters and myth that have entered Western society, and uncover just who it is that is slowly rising from the Pits of Tartarus. Who is it that is getting ready to overthrow Olympus?

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is an incredible book. It is a simple and short read and yet it incorporates everything from Greek mythology, namely tragedies and monsters. Rick Riordan has weaved a myth masterpiece in this novel. Highly recommend for all lovers of fantasy and of mythology, as well as those who enjoyed Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is a shocking start to this mythical series.

Character Profile: Percy Jackson

Please note, the following Character Profile does contain spoilers from both the Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan.


Percy Jackson Series: Book 1

Name: Percy Jackson
Father: Poseidon (Neptune)
Mother: Sally Jackson
Step-Father: Paul Blofis
Fatal Flaw: Loyalty. In the books, it is often repeated that Percy's downfall will be his unwavering loyalty to his friends and loved ones.
First met: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Character Overview: Percy is the initially unwilling hero of Olympus both in the fight with the Titans and again, in the fight against Gaia and the Giants. He is a natural born leader, who usually leads by running into the middle of the fight. He is loyal to a fault, literally, as his loyalty has been used against him by his many enemies. He is stubborn yet lovable. While he may not be incredibly intelligent, he has a charisma that draws others to him and an ability to lead that even Romans cannot help but admire.

Having the blood of the sea-god running through him, Percy is able to accomplish extraordinary feats, with near inexhaustible stamina while in or over water, which has allowed him to duel with beings like Ares, the god of war. He knows his exact location and bearing while over salt water and can even summon water at will, though this tends to leave him drained.

percy jackson

Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson in the film adaptation of the Percy Jackson series.

Book-A-Like: Seventh Son

Percy Jackson. Son of a god. Monster slayer extraordinaire.

If you relish reading the adventures of teenage butt-kicking heroes -say hello to Thomas Ward!

Processed with MoldivThe seventh son of a seventh son, Thomas is special. Special enough to be a Spook.

While he is hesitant about becoming a Spook, Thomas doesn't have much choice. All of his brothers have moved away to study apprenticeships and he cannot live at the family farm forever. Plus his mam really has her heart set on it- and no-one likes to disappoint their mother. But you do need to fight monsters.

If it terrifies everyone else, the Spook has to handle it. And Thomas is not sure he wants to...

Bundled off to study under the mysterious Mr Gregory, Thomas embarks on the biggest adventure of his young life. Learning to trap boggarts is just the beginning. Learning new languages, digging pits, collecting supplies- it's all part of Mr Gregory's plan to get Thomas ready.

There's also witches to contend with. Only Alice is a witch and he is not sure that Alice is evil...

Featuring the storyline from the first two novels, Joseph Delaney's dark fantasy series The Last Apprentice is coming to theatres on March 5.

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