Franc.World – 2022 BOTY Review

QBD’s Children’s Book Of The Year, A Girl Called Corpse by Reece Carter, is a hauntingly good adventure! With a body made of wax, seaweed for hair and polished abalone shells for eyes, Corpse is bound to haunt the Witches’ sea shack forever. She has no memory of the kid she was before she was […]

Franc.World – October BOTM Review

Warning: this book contains a truly ridiculous number of delicious cakes, a herd of rude cats, a ramshackle gang of kids, and a dangerous organisation determined to spoil things for everyone, even you… When Trilby’s mother catches a strange sickness, Trilby must find her only other surviving relative, a 300-year-old aunt who lives in a […]

Franc.World – September Reviews

“The Gilded Ones” by Namina Forna Bold and immersive, this New York Times bestselling book, is the first instalment of a feminist fantasy series inspired by the culture and folklore of West Africa. The debut novel from playwright Namina Forna, The Gilded Ones sees sixteen-year-old Deka living in Otera, a deeply patriarchal ancient kingdom, where […]

Franc.World – September BOTM Review

Anyone who has ever known the sheer delight of eating hot chips by the water will know the sheer terror that is being swarmed by a flock of hungry seagulls. In fact it’s such a common occurrence, author/illustrator Sam Cotton has created an entire TikTok series around chippies and seagulls and other cute cartoon characters […]