Alice-Miranda in Paris – Franc.World review

Alice-Miranda in Paris by Jacqueline Harvey Everyone loves a series. Familiar characters, the excitement of a new title being released and a certain reliability that you already know you’re going to like the book.   The Alice-Miranda series is no different and with titles like Alice-Miranda in China, or Alice-Miranda in Hollywood or Alice-Miranda in New York, you also know […]

Kensy and Max: Breaking News – Franc.World review

Kensy and Max Breaking News by Jacqueline Harvey As the first book in the super fun spy series, Breaking News offers a fast-paced introduction to the world of super spy twins Kensington (Kensy) and Maxim (Max). Written by the incredible Jacqueline Harvey (who also writes the Alice-Miranda series), the book offers adventure on nearly every […]

Treasure in the Lake – Franc.World Review

Treasure In The Lake by Jason Pamment This book is fun! Not only is it a based on a grand adventure full of secrets and action, but it’s created in the form of a graphic novel, where the beautiful pictures tell much of the story. When Iris and her best friend Sam stumble upon an […]

The Astonishing Chronicle of Oscar From Elsewhere – Franc.World Review

The Astonishing Chronicles of Oscar from Elsewhere by Jaclyn Moriarty The Astonishing Chronicles of Oscar from Elsewhere involves two of Franc’s greatest loves, magic and skateboarding. It is written as an account of Monday through Friday at the request of Oscar’s Deputy Principal. (She wanted to know exactly what Oscar considered more important than coming […]