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Reviewsday: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Welcome to our first Reviewsday Tuesday post!

We have scoured all our QBD stores in search of the very best and brightest reviews for you to enjoy- written by the people who know books best- our staff!   Every Tuesday -from now until the end of time (or until Skynet is up and running)- we will be posting a review on some of our best loved or brand new products.

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warm bodies

Warm Bodies- Isaac Marion (2010)

Warm bodies has been described as a “zombie romance” and even been compared to the book Twilight in regards to a forbidden love story.
But if you’re not a Twi-fan don’t be discouraged!

'R' is a zombie living in a post-apocalyptic America where the remaining living humans are in hiding and often get attacked by zombies during their numerous hunting rituals. Told from a zombie's perspective, R delivers a world where zombies have no emotion, can't read or write and simply pass the time doing nothing.

That is until R along with some other zombies attack a group of humans. After R kills a young man and begins eating his brain he takes on memories of ‘Perry’ and his girlfriend ‘Julie’. After saving Julie’s life, R is met with new thoughts and attitudes the other zombies do not posses.

I congratulate Isaac Marion, the author of Warm Bodies, on this amazing world and scenario he has brought to life for all of us. I would definitely recommend reading the book before seeing the movie- the books are always better!

-Carla from Epping QBD

Zombies Threaten QBD’s The Bookshop Hipster, Alex

For those of you who don’t know, Alex is our chino-wearing hipster representative and he does what hipsters do best: reads paperbacks and looks dapper.

Opting to have a hipster night in with a good zombie novel (zombies are the new vampires) proves to be not as safe as first thought.

QBD's Book Hipster Alex Zomblie

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Our Book Hipster Confessions are proving to be juicier than anticipated and giving Alex a run for his money.

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