QBD Reviews: Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z by Akira Toriyama

Dragon Ball tells of the story of Son Goku (for any of you who know of the Chinese tale ‘Journey to the West’, you probably recognise this name as well as the plot) and his quest to find the mystic Dragon Balls. These, when gathered together, summon the great Shenlong who will grant any wish […]

QBD Reviews: Bakuman by Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata

From the creators of the dark and twisted series Death Note comes a manga series about manga writers writing manga. Follow two friends as they chase down their dream to be professional mangakas (manga authors). This series is full of love and laughter; of good times and difficult times; of the joys of friends and […]

Graphic Novel Series Review: Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim is a 23 year old part time slacker who was living the easy life with his band and his teenage girlfriend until a mysterious woman started entering his dreams. Pilgrim begins to pursue this woman, who turns out to be Ramona Flowers, an Amazon delivery worker from New York. As their relationship starts […]