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QBD Reviews: The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney


Wow! I really loved this story, it was so twisty! I enjoyed how we learnt about Emma and Jane and their relationships - three years apart - with Edward, the architect of The House. Similarities between Emma, Jane and Edward’s first wife are pieced together through the narrative.

1 Folgate Street London is a special house, and only a certain type of person can live there. There are exhaustive and exacting rules to follow, an iron clad lease to be signed and each tenant must be approved by the architect before anyone is allowed to move in. After traumatic events in the lives of both Emma and Jane, they each find refuge and initially feel safe at Folgate Street. Emma had been threatened with a knife during a burglary at a previous house while Jane had recently had a stillborn baby girl at full term. 1 Folgate Street is very secure, with biometric scanning built in and very minimal décor. Both girls needed The House to feel safe and whole again.

All the way through the novel it was stated that the architect Edward was a controlling perfectionist, and it was alluded to that he was trying to re-create a perfect relationship. It was almost creepy how Edward gave each woman the same gifts, and said the exact same words to each. Edward appeared to love Emma and she tragically died in The House. Three years later Jane is accepted as a tenant.  She is curious and finds out small details about Emma, yet Edward refuses to speak about her. Going behind Edward’s back and speaking to people who knew Emma; a retired policeman, her previous boyfriend Simon and her therapist, Jane starts to worry for her own safety.

I loved how the characters were written in this story, they really came to life for me. I thought I knew what had happened to Emma, but I was surprised. Jane also surprised me with her strength of character, and how she dealt with her emotions and choices was really well written.

The denouement at the end of The Girl Before was another brilliant twist – who ends up controlling who? I loved this story, definitely a recommended read.

~ Kerryn, QBD Northland

Reviewsday: Watching You by Michael Robotham


Marnie Logan is a woman in trouble; a single mum with two children, a husband who has disappeared and left her indebted to the wrong people, and the constant feeling of being watched, followed. Feeling angry and abandoned, she turns to psychologist Joe O'Loughlin for help.

One day, Marnie discovers a book prepared by her husband Daniel for her upcoming birthday, with photos and interviews with past friends and family. While Marnie is ecstatic at finding hard proof that her husband did love her, she is unprepared for what Daniel discovered while contacting the people from her past. Anyone who ever became close with Marnie has paid a harsh price. And it appears Daniel finally caught up with this fate. Suddenly, that shadow out the corner of her eye, that tingling feeling of being watched, seems a lot more sinister and deadly.

This is the kind of novel you want to talk about with friends, and can't wait for them to finish so you can compare notes. As it is, I'm finding it hard to write this without giving anything away! Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride, with enough plot twists to keep you guessing right up to the end. Who has been secretly killing, threatening, and destroying lives for Marnie? And why?