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Reviewsday: Lost Brisbane

lost brissy

As a Brisbanite born and bred I was fascinated by this beautiful coffee table book.  To be honest, I was looking for some of my relatives at the beginning (because we all want to be related to someone famous) but the more I looked, the more I was engrossed by the history and beauty of the Brisbane that was and what it has become.

A collaboration between QBD the Bookshop and the Royal Historical Society of Queensland, Lost Brisbane contains more than 500 black and white photographs that show not only how the city and river have changed over time, but also how suburbs and coasts have developed and grown.  I had an excellent time explaining to my niece all about horse-drawn vehicles after we looked at some of the images together and she noticed the horse-drawn carriages in some of the images.

Out of all the images in the book there is one picture that particularly sticks out in my mind- a cluster of women in the 1890's wearing hats and long dresses (complete with bustles) looking out at a flooded main street. The differences between society then and now struck me while looking at this image.  Not only were there horse-drawn carts trying to get through the flood waters, it was like they were wearing their 'sunday best' to view the devastation the flood had wrought.

An incredibly interesting read, I would recommend this book to anyone who lives in Brisbane, has lived in Brisbane, wants to live in Brisbane, or who loves Australian history.

What is the Fate of the QBD Book Hipster in this Epic Finale?

We have followed QBD’s Book Hipster, Alex, through daring journeys that cross many of our favourite genres. He always manages to maneuver himself out of tricky situations with the help of his dependable paperbacks.

In true QBD Book Hipster fashion, the finale is guaranteed to go out with a bang.

QBD Book Hipster Finale

In this impressive finale Alex is propelled inter danger once more. There’s more than a damsel in distress at stake this time and the question on everybody’s lips, is can paperbacks save the QBD Book Hipster this time?

Watch the epic finale here

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Saves QBD The Bookshop Hipster

We’ve heard of Aliens hypnotising and experimenting on humans, stealing livestock and leaving crop circles (what’s their fascination with crops anyway?) but we have never heard of Aliens being interested in our paperbacks. Well, until now.

QBD Book Hipster Sci Fi

QBD’s Book Hipster Alex is loyally going where his book takes him, with a new Sci-Fi video. Trouble seems to follow the poor guy and we are impressed that his dedication to paperbacks never seems to waver.

Watch Alex’s close encounter with an Alien here

Nothing Is As Simple As Black and White For QBD’s Book Hipster Alex

Dames, danger and drinks are elements of Film Noir that can’t be disputed. You haven’t seen them appear on the screen like this before though.

QBD Book Hipster Film Noir

QBD’s book hipster, Alex, is at it again. This time the true clumsy hipster comes out through the light between the blinds.

Watch Alex deliver one of his best performances yet. He deserves a toast with a strong whiskey…

The Romance For Paperback Is Alive

Love is in the air and none other than romance novelist herself, Jane Austen, is behind it. We have a soft spot for any romance that sparks from books and the flame burns bright in the newest QBD Book Hipster video.


Watch Alex be hit by Cupid’s arrow and transform into an Austen-approved courteous sweetheart. He may have found his ultimate hipster girlfriend! See the magic unfold here.

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