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Hurstville’s Hot Reads

Today our Hurstville team give us the low-down on their favourite and latest reads!

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli:

If you're after a cute book that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy, then look no further! Simon, a teenage boy, is too afraid to come out to his friends and family, but this doesn't stop him having an anonymous pen pal - and it's someone who goes to his school. This pen pal knows everything about Simon, including, and especially, his sexuality. In an enthralling read, Simon has to deal with how to come out to friends and family, how to deal with his crush on the cute boy in his class, and trying to figure out who his pen pal is. It's adorable and it's just plain fun. With summer and the holidays coming up, it's the perfect book to have with you at the beach or by the pool. -Mersini

Looking for Alaska by John Green:

In honour of John Green’s first novel in 6 years, Turtles All the Way Down, being released today I have decided to review Looking for Alaska which is my all-time favourite book.
Looking for Alaska is about 3 friends whose lives are so transformed by a certain experience that they now only see time as ‘before’ and ‘after’ that event.
Before: Miles “Pudge” Halter is sick of his boring, predictable life so he attends Culver Creek boarding school in Alabama to seek his “Great Perhaps” and get more out of life. There he meets Alaska Young and Chip “The Colonel” Martin. Together they go on a whirlwind of adventures.
After: Nothing is ever the same.

This book is very memorable with a powerful impact. I read it many years ago and I’m still recommending it to a lot people. It’s the first book where the plot twist just completely shocked me. This fantastic coming of age novel that doesn’t have a predictable happily ever after ending is a must read! - Bel

I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson:

I’ll Give You The Sun is a captivating story told from the alternating perspectives of twin siblings. This novel follows Noah and Jude as they take us through the tragedies that tore them apart and the complications of family and friendship. Filled with heartbreak, wisdom, and joy, this story is very hard to put down. While the writing style is different to the ‘norm’, I really think that this may be what makes the story so intriguing. Nelson has written an amazing story that is definitely worth a read! - Lara

Force of Nature by Jane Harper:

I thought Jane Harper's debut novel The Dry was fantastic but Force of Nature has definitely topped it!

What has happened to Alice Russell?
Five women reluctantly pick up their backpacks and start walking along the muddy track. Only four come out the other side.
The hike through the rugged Giralang Ranges is meant to take the office colleagues out of their air-conditioned comfort zone and teach resilience and team building. At least that is what the corporate retreat website advertises.

Federal Police Agent Aaron Falk has a particularly keen interest in the whereabouts of the missing bushwalker. Alice Russell is the whistleblower in his latest case. She knows all the secrets: about the company she works for and the people she works with.

Far from the hike encouraging teamwork, the women tell Falk a tale of violence and disintegrating trust. And as he delves into the disappearance, it seems some dangers run far deeper than anyone knew.

Absolutely mind blowing unput-a-downable mystery thriller from one of our home grown authors,I highly recommend Force of Nature to anyone who listens! - Sal

Tune In, Tune Out

Stuck in TV limbo while waiting for the new season of your favourite show? Or, even worse, has the series finale come and gone and now you're at a loss? Never fear! We've got your next read all sorted – based on your favourite TV show!

9780141037448Love Downton Abbey? Try Love in a Cold Climate by Nancy Mitford.
“Love indeed - whoever invented love ought to be shot.”
Love in a Cold Climate is filled with drama, glittering wit, and a cast of wonderfully eccentric characters. Be transported back to 1930s Britain, where the aristocratic Montdore family is stubbornly self-assured of their own superiority, and are in for the shock of their lives.

rsz_9781743317884Love Better Call Saul? Try The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly
“You're a sleazy defense lawyer with two ex-wifes and an eight-year-old daughter and we all love you.”
Mickey Haller is a lawyer who doesn't waste time worrying if his clients are innocent or guilty. For him, the law is a matter of manipulation and negotiation, and he's not too picky where the paycheck is coming from. The Lincoln Lawyer is impossible to put down, with a cast of likeable characters and a gripping thrill-ride of a plot.

revolutionary-roadLove Mad Men? Try Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates
"Everything is selling. Nothing happens in this world, nothing comes into this world, until somebody makes a sale."
Set in the American 'Golden Age' of 1955, Revolutionary Road follows the pursuits of a glamorous young couple who move to suburbia with their young children, and assume that greatness is just around the corner. Just like Mad Men, be prepared for characters who enjoy love affairs, whiskey drinking, cigarette smoking, and fast talking.

9780552772761Love The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? Try Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella
"Jeez Louise. I know why rich people are so thin: it's from trekking around their humongous houses the whole time."
Have you ever wished you would suddenly wake up one day and your whole life will have sorted itself out? That's what happened to Lexi: one minute, she's 25 and struggling through life and love, the next minute, she's waking up in a hospital bed, three years later, to find out she's got her dream job and is married to a millionaire! In between watching her trying to navigate her new life and being bombarded with revelations of the events of the past three years, we get treated to hilarious gems like watching her devastation at the break-up of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, and her excitement at a new Harry Potter novel. This novel is funny, warm, and uplifting.