Need a good book? Never fear! Our Plenty Valley team are here!

  After an entertaining read? Our Plenty Valley team have you all sorted!   Fallen by Lauren Kate: After a terrible accident 17-year-old Lucinda’s memory has vanished. With her parents questioning her every move she is sent to a reform school in an attempt to gain control of her life once again. When her eyes […]

Walking to clear your head

Have you ever had that remorseful pang of regret? You know, the kind that comes when you look back on a past opportunity with a morose notion of all the “if onlys” and “what ifs”. Whether it was that subtle exchange of glances in street or the fleeting words of comfort to a stranger; we’ve […]

Spotlight on QBD Plenty Valley

This week we say hello to our Plenty Valley team as they steal the QBD Spotlight! (but they left behind some awesome book reviews to console us) Wool by Hugh Howey: Hugh Howey’s first installment of the literal underground bestelling Silo trilogy “Wool” takes us to a setting within the bowels of the Earth; enveloping us […]