Book-A-Like: The Name Of The Wind & The Painted Man

“Both of these books actually use the often seen fantasy trope of young boy coming into adulthood, usually as a destined ‘chosen one’, in a world full of magic. However, efficient storytelling, likeable characters, breathtaking action and wonderfully realised magic systems help these two stand above a lot of the crowd. Really enjoyable reads.” – […]

The Kingkiller Chronicles are 1 step closer to your screen!

A little over a year ago, fans of Patrick Rothfuss‘ The Kingkiller Chronicles series were doing a happy dance – Lionsgate had won the rights to adapt the series across multiple platforms, including video games! Now The Wrap reports that a creative producer has been named: Lin Manuel-Miranda! That means it’s one step closer to […]

Reviewsday: Slow Regard of Silent Things

“You might not want to buy this book.” So begins Patrick Rothfuss’ foreword to his latest offering, a little gem of a novella called The Slow Regard of Silent Things. Now that’s not exactly what you’d expect an author to say about his own book, but he goes on to list two reasons as to […]