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Give your gifts an extra flourish

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if you're planning to gift a book adding a pretty bookplate is the perfect finishing touch!

Just in case you don't know, a bookplate is simply a label you place in the front of all your books in your personal library.

We've scoured the net to find some free printable pretty designs - perfect to adorn your gift for that special lady in your life!


Source: The DIY Librarian


Source: Lily Ashbury


Source: Image Zoo Spark 


Source: A Blackbird's Epiphany

The ‘Best Mothers’ in modern popular literature

In honour of Mother's Day we've put together a list of 5 of the best mothers in modern popular literature:

Mrs Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter series: The loving mother hen of the Weasley clan is the epitome of the word "mum".  Warm and welcoming, she envelopes the orphaned Harry into her brood with open arms (and a fluffy knitted sweater). Both sweet and stern in equal measure, she is not above sending a howler to Hogwarts if her children set a foot out of line, or fiercely defending them from evil.

Molly Weasley

Catelyn Stark from the Song of Ice and Fire series: Probably the most controversial mother in our list, Catelyn Stark is a strong, independent mother with a will of iron. She would do anything for her children, and frequently does throughout the series, although she cannot bring herself to love Ned's bastard son, Jon Snow.  In turns mother, wife, politician and warrior, this is one mum you don't want to make an enemy of.


Frannie Lancaster from John Green's The Fault In Our Stars: Our hearts go out to Frannie, who has to deal with the heart-rending knowledge that her child is going to die.  Strong in the face of over-whelming grief, she encourages Hazel to make the most of the time she has left, and (eventually) allows her the freedom to do it.

Frannie Lancaster

Natalie Prior from the Divergent trilogy: We wouldn't want to meet Tris' mum in a dark alley! Brave and calm in the face of danger Natalie will do anything to protect her children, even if it risks her own life.  She’s supportive of her children and their choices, and constantly makes sure they know how much she loves them.

Ma from Emma Donoghue's Room: The bond between a mother and her child shine in this novel.  Despite the limitations of  her environment, Ma never fails to ensure that Jack has the very best upbringing she can provide. Her resourcefulness, creativity and strength are beyond compare.


Got a fictional mother you'd like to see in the list? Let us know in the comments.


Great books kids can gift to Mum

One of the greatest gifts children can give their mothers is their time, and what better way to do that than sharing a story together!

Here's some great titles kids can gift to Mum this Mother's Day.

For Small Kids:

9780723257479Spot Loves His Mum by Eric Hill:  Each spread in this brightly coloured board book shows Spot and his mum, Sally, having a great time together. From playing hide-and-seek to eating Sally's cakes, every day is a fun day with Spot and Sally!

9780141363905I Love Mum (with the very hungry caterpillar)
by Eric Carle:  Join The Very Hungry Caterpillar for a celebration of love and all the ways to tell your mum how much you care. This delightful little book features Eric Carle's bright and distinctive artwork of animal mums and babies - from giraffes and crocodiles to bears and penguins - with The Very Hungry Caterpillar making an appearance alongside each one. The perfect gift for Mother's Day, or any day you want to say . . . I love you, Mum!

9780734416902Love You Mum by Karen Hull: In this lovely picture book, Karen Hull's gorgeous, life-like illustrations of Australian animals are matched with a heart-warming story that celebrates the everyday love between mothers and their young children at every time of the day.

For older kids:

9780857982971Love You Mum by Alana Wulff:  Do you share everything from 'Twilight' to your Facebook password with your mum? Do you love your mum, but sometimes forget to tell her just how much? This book is a great way to tell your mum you care. Full of sayings, photos and illustrations for you and your mum to share.

9781408846803My Mum by Me!:   This is the perfect place to record everything about your mum - in writing, doodles and pictures! Draw your mum's face, describe her day, list her favourite foods and much more!

Happy Mothers Day!

QBD would like to thank everyone who entered our Mothers Day giveaway. We hope every Mum has a great day on Sunday. The winning entry was "She used to read Harry the Dirty Dog to us kids. When she was older & ill, we would read Harry Potter to her."

Other entries we liked...

"The Narnia series! I spent hours sitting in my wardrobe, looking for a secret door."

"My mum always read Enid Blyton, I now read these classics to my children."

"Mum and I used to read AWW 100 Delicious Biscuits and Slices 1972. We cooked almost
everything from it and I still have it!"

Always read "Are you My Mother?" with mum when I was little!"

"Every year mum we would read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve.
It was my favourite tradition :)"


QBD Presents….

As we all know Mother's Day is coming up... and coming up fast! Which is why we're so excited about our new giveaway- which is so huge- it deserves the name "The Mother of all Book Giveaways". The AMAZING prize is a copy of each of the following 12 books, featured in our Mother's Day newsletter!

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To enter all you need to do is tweet us the answer to the question "What book do you/ did you always read with your mum?" with the hashtag #QBDmums. If you want to enter but don't have a twitter account, you can join twitter here.  Winners will be notified on the 5th of May 2014 by direct message to their twitter account.

Our Online store is also offering free Mothers Day gift wrapping from the 28/4/2014 to 5/5/2014 for all orders for Mother's Day. Simply select the Mothers Day gift wrap in the bottom of your cart before you click 'checkout'.

Full terms and conditions of the give-away can be found here. Continue reading