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Reviewsday: Troll Mountain by Matthew Reilly

A perilous adventure. An unlikely hero. Matthew Reilly's latest novel Troll Mountain has all the elements of a fantasy masterpiece. 

In a remote valley surrounded by mountains, a tribe of humans is being killed off by a terrible disease.  The disease was horrifying- pus filled sores covered the victim's skin and their gums would begin to bleed. Soon after they would not be able to move and their teeth would start falling out. Covered in boils  they would fall asleep, never to wake again.

9781743537053However a rumour started to spread, the trolls of Troll Mountain have a cure for the illness: a miraculous elixir that healed whoever drank it. The Trolls not only controlled the mysterious cure, they also controlled the flow of water to the valley, often making the tribe beg for what little they received. With their people falling ill, the tribe sent two elders to the Trolls to beseech them to release more water. They never returned.

Raf and Kira are orphaned members of their tribe, living on the fringes of society, their parents killed by a rogue troll when they were young. Increasingly disgruntled, Raf is constantly questioning the Tribal leaders and their decisions. Why should the Tribal leaders get more food than everyone else? Why should they be the only ones with knowledge of weapons? In a small act of rebellion, Raf has started to develop weapons of his own that he practises with daily.

When Raf's sister gets sick and his tribal leaders refuse to help him, he makes a courageous decision. He sets out on his own for Troll Mountain ... to steal the elixir.  Aided by a hermit and a troll will he succeed?

The journey to the mountain has begun...


The Great Zoo of China

Lovers of Matthew Reilly take heart! A new book is being released by the popular author on 10  November 2014- featuring none other than his very first female lead character! Promised to be an action-packed thrill ride, it's definitely one for your Christmas wishlist! (if you can wait that long to read it).

new matthew reillyEverybody who loves Reilly knows that his writing is heavily influenced by that of Michael Crichton; The Great Zoo of China is Reilly's Jurassic Park.

Returning to his trademark action adventure, avid readers will be more than pleased with the rampant explosions, blood, guts, gore and an arsenal of weapons that would make a militia weep with envy.

Taking place more or less over a single night, Reilly has created his strongest female character in recent years, second only to the might of Scarecrow's Mother. CJ Cameron is everything a large animal veterinarian should be, devoted, empathetic and level headed, but there's a ying to her yang, she's also a total badass who can handle a flamethrower with jaw-dropping skill and isn't afraid to stick her head in an alligator's mouth to save a child.

Needless to say, this book will leave readers wondering if, like the French, the Chinese will not publish this book on their shores, due to it's less than favourable depiction of communist determination.

A mix of mythology and butt-kicking, CJ Cameron is the Ripley of literature and along with her brother Hamish an ambassador and his swarthy mysterious "aide" CJ has to pluck up the courage to save the world.

Full of action, Reilly has returned to his comfy chair after many felt that he had accidentally sat down in a stuffy wooden seat while writing Tournament. If you love the non-stop thrill ride of a Reilly novel, you won't be disappointed, Reilly is back and with a vengeance.

-Samantha at Northlands QBD