Lee Child and Andrew Child Q&A

Lee Child and younger brother Andrew have collaborated for the first time on “The Sentinel” and Jack Reacher fans are in for a treat. Thanks to Penguin Books Australia, we have an exciting Q&A from the two – enjoy!  How did you find collaborating on The Sentinel? LC: Sitting down together to write The Sentinel felt like the final […]

Celebrating 21 years of Jack Reacher, with Lee Child

Lee Child. Internationally best-selling author. Creator of Jack Reacher. One of the most iconic characters in modern literature. Legend has it, a Reacher novel is sold, somewhere around the world, every nine seconds! And now, 21 years after the character first appeared on the page, Lee Child brings us a whole new Reacher adventure: Past […]

Jack is back… November 2018

  The cover for the 23rd Jack Reacher novel is here! Published in November 2018, our eternal drifter happens on the town that his father was supposed to hail from. But when he starts looking for his father’s old home, he finds there’s no record of anyone named Reacher ever living there… Can’t wait to […]

Join the Jack Reacher thrill train!

Lee Child is back with the 20th title in his Jack Reacher series ‘Make Me’. In Entertainment Weekly, Stephen King crowned Childs’ iconic main character Jack Reacher “the coolest continuing series character now on offer” and this latest book does not disappoint. Beginning with Reacher’s arrival in a small town in middle America, ‘Make Me’ […]