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Book-A-Like: Seventh Son

Percy Jackson. Son of a god. Monster slayer extraordinaire.

If you relish reading the adventures of teenage butt-kicking heroes -say hello to Thomas Ward!

Processed with MoldivThe seventh son of a seventh son, Thomas is special. Special enough to be a Spook.

While he is hesitant about becoming a Spook, Thomas doesn't have much choice. All of his brothers have moved away to study apprenticeships and he cannot live at the family farm forever. Plus his mam really has her heart set on it- and no-one likes to disappoint their mother. But you do need to fight monsters.

If it terrifies everyone else, the Spook has to handle it. And Thomas is not sure he wants to...

Bundled off to study under the mysterious Mr Gregory, Thomas embarks on the biggest adventure of his young life. Learning to trap boggarts is just the beginning. Learning new languages, digging pits, collecting supplies- it's all part of Mr Gregory's plan to get Thomas ready.

There's also witches to contend with. Only Alice is a witch and he is not sure that Alice is evil...

Featuring the storyline from the first two novels, Joseph Delaney's dark fantasy series The Last Apprentice is coming to theatres on March 5.

Click here to check out our Beginner's Guide to Spooks before you see film!

A Beginner’s Guide to Spooks

Spook (spu:k) noun: A Spook is a warden of the light. Spooks protect their county from all manner of monsters that go bump in the night from boggarts to witches, and even worse.

Joseph Delaney's dark fantasy series The Last Apprentice is coming to theatres on March 5. Woven around the life of Thomas Ward, a new Spook's apprentice, the movie will feature the storyline from the first two novels.

Here's a few things to know about Spooks (before you see the movie):

spook011. They are the seventh sons of seventh sons:

One of the requirements to be a Spook, or Spook's apprentice is being the seventh son of a seventh son. They have the gift of seeing things that others can't. Some would argue they see things the way they really are. They can sense ghasts and ghosts and even see through a witch's glamour.

2. They don't trust girls with pointy shoes:

A girl wearing pointy shoes is probably a witch, and most witches are terrifying, evil  and bloodthirsty. But there are exceptions, as Tom will find out...

3. Not every apprentice becomes a Spook:

Master Gregory has had many apprentices before Tom, but only a few completed their training. Some fled. Some failed. And some died fighting the boggarts and witches a spook must face.

spook024. A Spook's life is a lonely life:

When you're constantly fighting the things that scare normal people half to death, you get a bit of a reputation. It also means people tend to avoid you, unless they need your help. Luckily, Tom has Master Gregory and Alice to keep him company- at least while he's an apprentice.

5. They're prepared:

Facing off against creatures of the dark is no picnic. It takes preparation. Spooks not only train their minds, they also practice the physical skills needed to capture their prey. Tom must practice digging boggart pits,  and flinging silver chains at witches to name a few.

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