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Book-a-like: At The Water’s Edge

Want to be held tight by big strong arms?  A love to last for all time?

So does Maddie Hyde!

Processed with MoldivSet at the end of the Second World War, At the Water's Edge is a vintage romance with a twist.

Dragged off to Scotland on one her husband's wild japes, Madeline Hyde struggles with her unfortunate past, her  increasingly unhappy marriage and her attraction to her rugged Scottish host- Angus.  Thrust together continually, the attraction between Maddie and Angus grows, and when her husband's unconscionable plans for her are brought to light, Maddie must make a heart-breaking choice- to save the man she loves by leaving him behind, or save herself.

Perfect for readers of Nora Roberts, Kate Morton & Cecilia Ahern.

Book of the Month: Gallipoli Street

Love. Honour. Family. Friendship.

9781743692141At 17 Veronica O'Shay is not quite the lady her mother would prefer her to be. Wild and headstrong, she is much more at home swimming in billabongs and wiggling her toes in the mud than pouring cups of tea. Recently returned home from school overseas, she is struggling to fit back in with her old life - especially her feelings for her brothers' life-long best friend Jack Murphy.

Meanwhile Jack is struggling with feelings of his own. The new family in town, the Dwyers, have become quite close to both the Murphys and the O'Shays, and have a very attractive daughter- Rose. Fireworks ignite over Beecroft when the two girls both vie for Jack's attentions, leading to a stunning ending. To coin a phrase I read in an Avon romance novel recently I was 'aghast at the scandal'!

But this is 1913. The world is on the cusp of war, and everything they know is about to change.

From the bloody beaches of Gallipoli through the Great Depression and into the jungle war along the Kokoda track, this sweeping family saga of love and loss, honour and enduring friendship is one that will stay with you well after you have finished reading it.