QBD Recommends: The Pearl Thief by Fiona McIntosh 

  Most booklovers who have spent any time in an Australian bookstore are probably familiar with the name Fiona McIntosh. One of Australia’s most prolific writers, Fiona has written over thirty books across a wide range of genres, including crime, fantasy, and children’s literature. Arguably though, it is her historical fiction for which she is […]

Our Tasty Book of The Month: The Chocolate Tin!

Fiona McIntosh’s riveting new novel, The Chocolate Tin, is a story about Alexandra Frobisher, a modern thinking woman who has the hopes and dreams to break free society’s rigid ways, make a career in England’s famous chocolate-making town of York and marry the one she loves. From the battlefields of northern France to  her hometown […]

The Quickening 01: Myrren’s Gift by Fiona McIntosh

Ever since he was young, Wil Thirsk has known his destiny; he will take up his father’s mantle as the Commander of the Morgravian army. Raised beside the young prince who will one day be his king, Wil has reservations about the future of his kingdom, but there is one experience that he will never […]