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Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!

Did you know the fabulous children's author Dr. Seuss would be 112 this year?

While he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on in the pages of his ever-popular books.  Seuss forever changed the way children’s books were written and continues to inspire generations.

Some Seuss-ical facts:

  • If you want to pronounce the name the way his family did, say Zoice, not Soose.
  • As a magazine cartoonist, he began signing his work under the mock-scholarly title of “Dr. Theophrastus Seuss” in 1927. He shortened that to “Dr. Seuss” in 1928.
  • Dr. Seuss was not a doctor.
  • For over half of his career as a children’s author, Dr. Seuss had no children.
  • He joins Hans Christian Andersen, Astrid Lindgren, and Mark Twain as one of the very few writers for children to have his own public statue.

No-one wishes anyone a Happy Birthday better than Dr Seuss, so we found a copy of Happy Birthday to You written by the great man himself!



Reviewsday: Oh, The Places You’ll Go! by Dr Seuss

Dr. Seuss, most famous for his rhyming schemes and the educational benefit of his works, is, in my opinion, one of the best authors that has ever lived.
Think about it. What child has never read at least one Dr Seuss book and loved it?
My sister’s favourite book was Put Me in the Zoo which she memorised to the point of being able to 'read' to herself. My father’s was Dr. Seuss’ ABC which later in life helped me learn the alphabet myself, much to the amusement of my first grade classmates.

But mine is much different, less amusing, and more valuable. It is a little picture book that has stood me in good stead over many years of hardship. It also makes a fabulous graduation present.


No matter where you go in life, the words “You’re off to great places, Today is your day, Your mountain it waiting, So … Get on your way!” have this insane ability to make you feel like anything is possible. This book has encouraged me to do hard things, like applying to university and moving out of home.

So whether you are 5 and starting primary school, or 18 and graduating high school, whether you are 30 and moving up in the world, or 70 and about to retire, this book has a message in it that spans all generations.

Life is rough. And Dr Seuss has written the pep talk of a life time.

~Georgia, QBD Brisbane City