My Mini QBD Books- Available Now!

We launched our My Mini QBD Books Collectables with a KAPOW at Bondi on Monday!  Nova 96.9 Sydney’s Casanova team entertained the guests, and attendees could mingle with Channel 7 book club presenters Lee Carseldine and Victoria Carthew, and author of the Tashi book series, Anna Feinberg. “There’s something about a miniature. I guess it’s […]

Awesome books celebrating women!

  Happy International Women’s Day! Today, Karina counts down her top 5 collections featuring amazing women! “All these books contain amazing women throughout history, taking names and kicking butt. I love that each of these books show a wide range of people from history, including businesswomen, musicians, scientists, actors, suffragettes, activists, really every kind of […]