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Cover your Walls!


What do you do when you have more books than space?

Turn them into an artwork!


A few years ago, I moved into a boring little apartment with plain white walls, plain white floors, plain white roof... you know the type. One of those apartments where it takes everything you can throw at it to inject a little personality into the place. So I got a bit crafty.

It is super simple to make these at home - trust me, if I can do it so can you!

First, get your books together. I know plenty of you out there probably have stocks of books you don't want anymore, but I couldn't bring myself to part with any of mine. So I went with the thrifty option of heading down to my local op-shop, and filling up with one of their 'Fill a bag for $10!' deals. Most op-shops have paperbacks for $1 or $2 anyway, just pick a whole lot with interesting and colourful covers.

Next, picture frames. I bought these at the op-shop as well, just some old pictures and frames they had stacked against the wall. Now, because I was just renting, I went for the option that wouldn't require holes in the walls and just kept the lightweight wooden backing. But if you're feeling fancy, feel free to keep the glass and frame, a nice frame makes everything look better!

The next step is to take the covers from the books. If you have access to a stanley knife, this is probably the easiest way to get a nice clean cut (but BE CAREFUL!). Otherwise, scissors will do the trick.

Now arrange the covers however you like on the wooden backing, and glue in place. If you've kept the frame, this is the time for you to put it all back together again and you're done! If you're doing it the renter's way like me, I still recommend having a way to seal all the bits in place. I used good old fashioned clear contact paper! Luckily I've gotten better at contacting since my school days - barely a bubble in sight!

And you're done! Sit back and enjoy your fancy new artworks. Mine get comments all the time, and I've had friends use this idea for album cover artworks and similar things as well. It really is a simple and eye-catching way to add some life to a room.


Amazing Book Art

Here at QBD we are such massive fans of books that cutting one up is tantamount to sacrilege....however we could not help but admire the brilliant works of Brian Dettmer, an artist that works with antiquated objects to give them new life and beauty.  Dettmer’s work can be found in several public and private collections throughout the US, Latin America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.


There are many awesome artists that contribute to this new form of sculpture, and to be honest, they blow our minds.  The imagination and scope of their projects is awe-inspiring.

tumblr_mqq04gdfjS1rs84oho1_500 Guy-Laramée_web15 2008-the-wild-swansfastidious-book-art-cut-folded.w654

If (like us) you can't bring yourself to chop up those precious pages, there is the art of page folding to make shapes and words. Also known as book origami, this is perfect for beginners! If you would like to give it a try check out the easy-to-follow tutorial below: