“Line In The Sand” by Dean Yates

Dean Yates is a workplace mental health expert, public speaker, podcast host, and journalist. He is an outspoken advocate on mental health, press freedom and government accountability. Recently, he released a new book titled “Line In The Sand.” Line in the Sand is a memoir that is going to resonate for generations to come. It tackles […]

“Crossing the Line” by Nick McKenzie

In mid-2017, whispers from Australia’s most secretive and elite military unit reached Walkley Award-winning journalist Nick McKenzie. McKenzie and veteran reporter Chris Masters began an investigation that would not only reveal shocking information about Australia’s most famous and revered SAS soldier but plunge the two reporters into the defamation trial of the century. For five […]

“The Shot” by Naima Brown

Naima has spent over a decade working in news, current affairs and documentary – save for her brief stint in reality TV, which inspired her brand-new novel “The Shot”. “The Shot” follows Mara Bolt – the queen of reality TV who will do ANYTHING for ratings. When she meets Kristy Shaw, Mara is certain she’s […]

Franc.World – June Reviews

“Monster Island” by George Ivanoff  Jurassic Park meets Stranger Things in a story where the creatures are out of this world! After following his mum to her top-secret new job, Bernie finds himself on a mysterious remote island inside the Bass Strait Triangle. The scientists working there call it Monster Island, and Bernie soon discovers […]