Prometheus High – Stuart Wilson

Stuart Wilson is the incredible author of our April Children’s Book of the Month “Prometheus High: How to Make A Monster.” This story follows lead character, Athena Strange. Her first semester at Prometheus High started with a bang. But as her lessons in reanimation, robotics and skulkers begin to move too slowly and she has […]

Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson

Benjamin Stevenson is an award-winning stand-up comedian and author. He has previously written two fantastic books, has sold out live shows from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has appeared on numerous television channels. His new book – “Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone” was published recently and is our […]

Books of the Month: April

It’s time to announce our April Books of the Month! This month, we are featuring “Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone” by Benjamin Stevenson, “The Kelly Hunters” by Grantlee Kieza, and “Prometheus High: How To Make Monster” by Stuart Wilson. We hope you love them as much as we do. “Everyone In My Family […]

Books of the Month: March

We are so excited to announce our March “Books of the Month!” This month, we are featuring “The Mother” by Jane Caro, “Power” by Kemi Nekvapil, and “Zombie Diaries: Apocalypse Cow” by Matt Zeremes, Jake Minton, and Guy Edmonds. We hope you love reading them as much as we did! The Mother by Jane Caro  […]