“The Fastest Diet” by Victoria Black, Gen Davidson and Krista Varady

We are back into the swing of things in 2024, and a lot of us want to break old habits and build and sustain healthy ones holistically. Often, this can be challenging and hard to adhere to with the constant bombardment of information and health trends on social media. However, three experts in intermittent fasting […]

“The Man Next Door” by Mike Colman

Mike Colman is a renowned and award-winning Australian author and journalist, who has written multiple bestselling titles on sports and war. His newest title, “The Man Next Door: And Other True Stories Of War And Peace”, focuses on the untold story of Australian soldier Ray McMillan, an aircraft pilot, who flew the Hudson bomber and […]

“Ringside” by Rod Willis

Have you ever wondered who is the person behind the success of legendary Australian rock band, Cold Chisel? Or who was the pioneer in Australian music that created a significant impact, on Australian music history forever? That incredible person would be Rod Willis, he has released a riveting new non-fiction title that spans the 1960s […]

“Wilderness” by Penny Watson

“Wilderness: The Most Sensational Natural Places on Earth” by Penny Watson is a stunning hardcover book perfect for your coffee table, and of course, to inspire you for your next big adventure. This must-have non-fiction title is a dreamy and riveting coffee table book featuring 40 of the most glorious wilderness destinations on our Earth, […]