Throwback Thursday: ‘Forever’ – Judy Blume

What do you do when the love of your life… isn’t any more? Forever, The controversial, teen novel from Judy Blume, first published in 1975, answers that question with a simple and unflinching response – you move on. This is a book about two 17-year-olds named Kath and Michael who meet, like each other, hook […]

Spotlight on QBD: Macarthur Square

The spotlight is on QBD Macarthur Square this week as they present ‘Magnanimous Macarthur’s Riveting Reads!’. Gallipoli Street by Mary-Anne O’Connor: Gallipoli Street is a tale of 3 families spread across two world wars. It is an emotional read of love and loss that takes you back to the time of our soldiers. A true […]