Top Dog Titles

shake puppiesWe've all seen dogs do some pretty funny things. Chase their tail. Run in their dreams. Try to get the ball out from underneath the couch.

But have you ever noticed how funny they look when they shake their heads? Or the hilarious faces they pull underwater?

Enter Shake Puppies and Underwater Puppies. With combined cuteness of puppies and the comedy of funny faces these delightful coffee table books are full of photographs to make you howl with laughter (or at least crack a smile).

I've included my favourite picture from Underwater Puppies for you - just to give you a taste.

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Why books are better than toys

At Christmas we all wonder if the gift we're giving is going to be popular- especially with kids.  Check out the infographic below to ease your mind! Not only are books easy to wrap, easy to post and AWESOME to receive, but they expand the mind and/or imagination of the reader and give them a lifelong skill. 

So put down that Spiderman and Barbie doll! Back away from the Lego wall! Gift a book. It's the way for the future ;-)


10153282_756340067748543_241237983308599896_n(infographic sourced from Harper Collins)

Rock ‘n’ Roll, Part II

Welcome back, my fellow rock'n'rollers! Read that last blog, but still haven't found what you're looking for? Don't worry, we have PLENTY more fantastic music biographies to keep everyone entertained!

molly meldrumLet's start with Molly Meldrum, the iconic man who has single-handedly shaped the Australian music scene for the past 40 years. The Never um... Ever Ending Story is the story of Molly's rise to fame with Countdown in 1974, and takes the reader on a no-holds-barred rollercoaster of hilarious anecdotes and colourful characters. This book is every bit as passionate and warm as the man himself.

Continuing with some more Aussie legends, ACDC fans are spoilt for choice this Christmas, with two new release biographies. Dog Eat Dog is from Michael Browning, ACDC's manager in the '70s. Not only does it cover their rise to fame and fortune, but also recounts Browning's adventures with Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, INXS, and other Australian legends. My Bon Scott is a more intimate account of the very early years of ACDC, and the life of their legendary original lead singer. Written by Bon's wife, this story presents to fans the man behind the icon.

neil youngNeil Young: Special Deluxe is the follow-up memoir to Waging Heavy Peace, Young's internationally bestselling biography from 2012. This time, Young turns his attention to his love affair with cars and dogs (but mostly cars) and uses this as the framework from which to bring together his stories and anecdotes of a life on the road.

Filled with watercolour paintings of cars by the man himself, Neil Young: Special Deluxe is a beautifully presented hardcover book that all music and car lovers will adore. In his own words: “This is a story about the proud highway of second thoughts”

Get in quick before Christmas to treat the music lover in your life. You'll be giving the gift that can't be beat.

Reviewsday: Lost Brisbane

lost brissyAs a Brisbanite born and bred I was fascinated by this beautiful coffee table book.  To be honest, I was looking for some of my relatives at the beginning (because we all want to be related to someone famous) but the more I looked, the more I was engrossed by the history and beauty of the Brisbane that was and what it has become.

A collaboration between QBD the Bookshop and the Royal Historical Society of Queensland, Lost Brisbane contains more than 500 black and white photographs that show not only how the city and river have changed over time, but also how suburbs and coasts have developed and grown.  I had an excellent time explaining to my niece all about horse-drawn vehicles after we looked at some of the images together and she noticed the horse-drawn carriages in some of the images.

Out of all the images in the book there is one picture that particularly sticks out in my mind- a cluster of women in the 1890's wearing hats and long dresses (complete with bustles) looking out at a flooded main street. The differences between society then and now struck me while looking at this image.  Not only were there horse-drawn carts trying to get through the flood waters, it was like they were wearing their 'sunday best' to view the devastation the flood had wrought.

An incredibly interesting read, I would recommend this book to anyone who lives in Brisbane, has lived in Brisbane, wants to live in Brisbane, or who loves Australian history.

Rock Solid Gift Ideas

We are absolutely loving the music memoirs that Santa is bringing our way! If you know someone who lives and breathes rock'n'roll, we know what will have them squealing with delight Christmas morning!

9780297608127The Beatles Lyrics is a beautiful big glossy hardcover book, making a perfect keepsake for every Beatles fan. The wonderful thing about the Beatles is that a lot of their songs were first written as scribbles on little scraps of paper, which were just waiting to be lovingly pieced together and unveiled to the world. Hunter Davies has done a great job of matching these little notes to the bigger picture of the songwriting process and inspirations of the biggest band in history.

The Doors' new biography, Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre, will have us singing 'Light My Fire' until New Years! Mick Wall, arguably the greatest rock writer of this generation, has turned his sights to The Doors and given us a page-turning account of their time at the top. If you think you know The Doors after watching that Val Kilmer movie, think again. There was more than one musician writing songs and wreaking havoc in this legendary rock band.

9781444753257Into The Black is the second instalment of the epic Metallica biography begun last year with Birth School Metallica Death. Follow the band from 1991, with the release of their bestselling self-titled album, right up to 2014 as they continue to rock as the world's greatest metal band.

Mick Fleetwood has penned an intimate and compelling autobiography in Play On: Now, Then & Fleetwood Mac. We've all heard the outrageous and notorious rumours (geddit?) about the band, and now Mick shares with all his fans the truth about living with Fleetwood Mac.

Not completely satisfied yet? Stay tuned for our encore, Rock 'n' Roll Part II!